The acronym Periperi U stands for Partners enhancing Resilience of people exposed to risks

Principal Investigator: Prof Christopher Garimoi Orach

Project Period: 29/05.2016-29/05/2019

Funders: Stellenbosch University


Periperi U represents an innovative collaboration of African universities committed to strengthening strategic capacity to reduce and manage contextually relevant disaster risks. It gives explicit priority to ‘closing the gap’ between Africa’s institutions of higher learning, and contemporary disaster risk management policy and practice within countries and across the continent.


The Africa-led and Africa-rooted initiative began in 20106 in five universities in Algeria, Ghana, south Africa and Tanzania with the aim of advancing risk education in Africa by mobilizing university talent across regions, disciplines and language groupings.


During the past 10 years, this partnership has grown and now includes universities in Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda.


Key to Periperi U is commitment to partnerships. This not only applies to university cooperation but its members also work closely with many governmental partners as well as with bilateral and multilateral organisations and nongovernmental organisations.


Since 2006, Periperi U partners have ‘pushed the envelope’ on integrated risk scholarship – to unlock local knowledge on African risks that was previously inaccessible. Periperi U also works to build graduate capabilities in risk research that will be vital as Africa’s risks become more complex and interconnected.

The consortium provides a vehicle for disaster risk knowledge exchange across disciplines, risk profiles, national borders and regional groupings, and taps applied expertise from across Africa. It actively engages academic staff in 11 countries, working across diverse disciplines, including engineering, urban planning, economics, environmental science and public health. These universities include Ardhi University in Tanzania, Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria, Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia, Gaston Berger Universite in Senegal, Makerere University in Uganda, Moi University in Kenya, Stellenbosch University in South Africa, University of Antananarivo in Madagascar, University of Buea in Cameroon, University of Ghana in Ghana, University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) in Algeria and Universidade Tecnica Mozambique in Mozambique.



Periperi U works closely with USAID’s office of Foreign Disaster Assistance as well as UNISDR, IFRC and NEPAD, and to be active members of the African Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction. As IRDR’s International Centre of Excellence for Risk Education and Learning (ICoE REaL), Periperi U sees opportunities for collaboration both within Africa and further afield.

The Masters of Public Health-Disaster Management (MPH-DM)

The partner academic programme in Uganda is under the School of Public Health and it is the Masters of Public Health Disaster Management (MPH-DM). Masters modules are Nutrition in Emergencies, Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies (full time) and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies (part time). At undergraduate level, there is a module called Management of Public Health in Emergencies.

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