Category: Staff MUSPH

Dr. Raymond Tweheyo is a Public Health Physician with a PhD in Medicine from the University of Manchester, UK. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Makerere University School of Public Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Division of Population Health, University of Manchester, UK. He has also been a part of the reviewers for the International Center for Systematic Reviews (ICSR) – Makerere University School of Public Health. Dr. Raymond has led work on community interventions for Maternal and Child Health, Multi-country Cohort on Family Planning, and Human Resources for Health. Raymond has led a systematic Review on regulatory Mechanisms for Health Workforce Absenteeism (published) and a narrative synthesis on Attributes of Health Workforce Absenteeism. He has also conducted scoping reviews on Global Health Workforce Policies, and Theories of Absenteeism from various sectors (Health, Education and Manufacturing industry).