Dr. Freddie Ssengooba PhD is currently an Associate Professor of health systems and policy and is the head of the Department of Health Policy Planning and Management (HPPM). In the last 15 years, Dr Ssengooba has led a program of research on the organizational reforms like decentralization of health services; autonomy and efficiency of hospitals; performance-based contracting and its impacts on health system in general and on the workforce in particular.

His current research engagements focus on the effectiveness of donor aid for HIV/AIDS on the health system and researching the translation of evidence into policies and programs. In this field, Dr Ssengooba has published books, journal articles, working papers and Op Eds in news papers. He has provided technical services to WHO, World Bank, Ministries of Health, Uganda AIDS Commission and Multi-lateral and Bilateral Agencies. Dr Ssengooba has also worked as Research Fellow with Health Systems Development Program at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in UK. He also has experience as a Medical Doctor in a clinical setting, as a Hospital Director and as a District Health Officer in Uganda’s health system.

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