Makerere University School of Public Health in collaboration with Vector Control Division - Ministry of Health Uganda (VCD) and the University of Cambridge is running a two-year clinical trial; Impact of increased praziquantel frequency on childhood fibrosis in persistent morbidity hotspots (FibroScHot). FibroScHot is funded by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP) and is co-sponsored by Cambridge University Hospital Trust, University of Cambridge and VCD.

The mood at the Chinese Restaurant in Kololo was calm and relaxed as the innovators dined and celebrated the completion of yet another round of training by the Social Innovation in Health Initiative (SIHI). The SIHI project is housed at Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH).

On Friday 28th September 2018, the academic and scientific community remembered the legacy of Dr Matthew Lukwiya in the fight against Ebola, at the Golf Course Hotel, in Kampala, in a memorial lecture held in his honour. The event came at the end of the Joint annual Scientific Health (JASH) Conference.

On Wednesday 26th September 2018, the Joint Annual Scientific Health (JASH) Conference started at Golf Course Hotel, hosted by Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) in partnership with Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH), Ministry of Health (MoH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The immense expectation and anxiety of the organizers soon gave way to a tangible sense of accomplishment as the participants started pouring in, and the audience grew to astonishing levels.  

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