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She was astonished to have her child admitted in a room with about 5 others, all with urgent health requirements like nebulizing and oxygen.

However, Dr Suzanne Kiwanuka, who is a senior lecturer at the School of Public Health, Makerere University, was shocked when the parents opted to go home with their children in such conditions. Thinking she was missing something, an alarmed Dr. Kiwanuka inquired as to why anyone would want to get their child discharged in that state. She was even more shocked by the uniform response; the parents claimed they would rather go and do their best to manage the situation from home because healthcare at this facility was expensive and they couldn’t afford it. In other words, the parents seemed to be giving up the lives of their children, something that’s extremely difficult for any parent to do under normal circumstances, because of the cost healthcare. 

Makerere University has a strict stance on sexual harassment.

The policy can be viewed below

Sexual Harassment Policy

Policy and Regulation on Sexual Harassment Prevention

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