Launching the project, the Assistant Commissioner Health Promotion and Education at
the Ministry of Health, Dr. Paul Kagwa said Village Health Teams (VHTs) are very useful
and their work adds value to what the Ministry of Health delivers. He expressed hope
that with the VHT structure in Ssisa Sub County strengthened, the sub county will be
among the top performers in Wakiso district. “In immunization, Ssisa was always
among the poorest performers in the district. I hope with this initiative, you are going
to perform better. Health is a calling; it is not a job, it is like priesthood; no rest, no
leave. Many die while trying to save others. It is commitment above self. God has given
you to us to fulfill this calling; we thank you very much he implored.

Launch of VHT Strengthening Project-final-2
Dr. Kaggwa officially launching the project
The project was launched at Nakawuka Football grounds in Nakawuka, Ssisa on 28

May 2015.
Dr. Kagwa also mentioned that securing monthly or regular pay for the VHTs may not
be possible and even if it materialized, may not make much difference in their lives. He
therefore urged them to engage in income generation activities through SACCOs and
other avenues to improve their household incomes. He thanked Mr. David Musoke and
team at Makerere University School of Public Health for supporting the Ministry of
Health in fulfilling its mandate.
Representing the Dean, Makerere University School of Public Health, Mr. Geofrey
Musinguzi said the outcome of the project will provide information on the next health
challenge to handle in the sub county. He thanked the residents for the opportunity to
work with them and for also providing students with a learning environment.


Launch of VHT Strengthening Project-final-3

Mr. Geofrey Musinguzi represented the Dean, MakSPH
In his speech, Mr. David Musoke pointed out that Makerere University School of Public
Health has been conducting research in Ssisa Sub County for the last seven years in
primary health care, maternal health, malaria control, among other areas. In all this
work, VHTs were noted to be active. “We are proud of you as VHTs for the work you
are doing for the community in many aspects of disease control. We know there are
challenges in your work and we have conducted extensive research in this area. We
want to strengthen your capacity to ensure you do your job better”, he said.
Mr. Musoke added that through partnership with Nottingham Trent University (UK) and
the Ministry of Health Uganda, a project to strengthen the Village Health Team
programme in Ssisa Sub County, Wakiso District was designed. The project focus will be
on training, supervision and motivation of the VHTs.
“Each village selected four people; two of which are engaged specifically in drug
distribution. Currently, some have dropped off; this is one of the areas we want to
support. Some villages are too big to be served by only 4 people, so a few people have
come out to volunteer and they need training. Record keeping also needs to be
improved so that hospitals get the right data from the VHTs, and non-monetary token
of appreciation will be provided to aid VHTs carry out their duties. We will work with the
Ministry of Health and existing structures to deliver the training. The VHT coordinators
will also be supported in their role”, Mr. Musoke said.
Mr. Musoke added that three motorcycles to support the work of the VHTs are also
being procured for the project. He pledged that the School of Public Health will continue
to conduct research in Ssisa Sub County as long as there is need.

Launch of VHT Strengthening Project-final-4

Mr. David Musoke, the Project Principal Investigator speaking during the launch

The LC III Chairperson, Ssisa Sub County Mr. Patrick Wilson Byekwaso pointed out that
Village Heath Teams work for free yet the community doesn’t always appreciate their
work. Even when there are trainings, they use their own money to attend. He said they
should be remunerated because they contribute a lot. He endeared the residents to
support the police in fighting crime and lawlessness in the area. On poverty and self development
challenges, he cautioned residents against blaming President Yoweri Museveni for the poverty.

Launch of VHT Strengthening Project-final-5
Mr. Byekwaso, the LCIII
Chairman Sissa Subcounty

This project is funded through the Health Partnership Scheme, which is funded by the
UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by the Tropical
Health & Education Trust (THET).

Launch of VHT Strengthening Project-final-6

Guests at the project Launch

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