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Principal Investigator: Dr. Frederick Makumbi

Project period: 1/1/2016-30/9/2018

Funder: John Hopkins University

Schistomiasis is a parasite disease caused by by trematode worms of genus schistoma. PMA 2020 undertook module Schistomiasis (PMA 2020 Schisto) under WASH with the goal of generating the first nationally representative prevalence rate of schistomiasis and measure measure its infection status one year after treatment, among all people who receive deworming medication in Uganda.

The key collaborators are Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) and Ministry of Health Vector Control Division. The study is executed by Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Training of interviewers were conducted and mobile data collection was completed. Activities included collection of fresh water snails, which are carriers of the parasite, from water bodies with the goal of identifying potential hotspots for transmission of schistomiasis. The enumeration areas (EAs) were selected by UBOS based on their distance from the water bodies.

A final report is under review with the collaborators and national dissemination will happen any time.

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