Ms. Rebecca Racheal Apolot is a research fellow in the department of health policy, planning and management. She obtained both a bachelors degree in Environmental Health Science and a master of Public Health from Makerere University School of Public Health, and she is also a trained field epidemiologist. Rebecca has training in climate change mitigation and adaptation from SMHI- Sweden. Currently she is the program coordinator for the Future Health Systems study at Makerere University School of Public Health and an investigator in RinGs-FHS study in Uganda looking at accountability in MNH among the physically disabled and adolescent mothers. She is also involved in other studies; on costs of illness of Vaccine-preventable diseases in Uganda (JHU-MakSPH collaboration) and of Value of Health in Uganda (UNC-MakSPH). As a field epidemiologist, she has excelled in investigating and responding to many disease outbreaks including Ebola in West Africa in 2014 in Sierra Leone where she was crown and given honorary titles of Mummy Queen in two different chiefdoms of Gbendembu Ngowahun and Sanda Teindaren for successfully and speedily controlling Ebola in the chiefdoms.  Rebecca played a technical advisory role in field epidemiology-Community based disease surveillance in the Uganda Red cross that responded and controlled cholera in 7 districts of Eastern Uganda in 2016. Her innovation in using community structures to respond to Ebola in Bombali-Sierra Leone has worn scientific innovations award in the world of Science. Her research area of interest and passion is Community based and driven innovations in health systems 

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